Version 1.2.x

Version 1.2.1 (Released - 12-Mar-20)

v1.2.1 is a patch, which includes few bugs resolution.

Bug fixes

  1. Invalid payment confirmation status.
  2. Hide event from top-selling list if it's expired/ended.
  3. Registration email error exception handling.
  4. Share Event thumbnail on social media instead of event cover image.

Version 1.2.0 (Released - 04-Mar-20)

v1.2.0 is a major release. It includes a lot of new requested features addition and bug fixes.

New Features

  1. Added Event & Date filters on Organizer Manage Bookings page on front-end.

  2. The event can be manually approved by Admin after Organizer publishes it. You can also toggle between auto/manual approval.

  3. Added Email Verification. You can toggle between whether you want to verify user email after registration or not.

  4. Added Ticket QrCode scanner and customer verification & check-in feature.

  5. Added Bank details fields for Organizer on the profile page.

  6. Speakers & Sponsors are replaced by Tags.

  7. Add tags directly from Event creation form.

  8. Added Organizers Earnings page.

  9. Share Event on Social media.

  10. On Admin Dashboard, added Event Sales Chart and Sales report table with Event filter.


  1. Added image and a few more editor options in the Rich text editor for event description & faq and tag description.
  2. Added eventmie:update command to automate update.

Bugs Resolved

  1. Contact us page error resolved.
  2. Event date showing incorrectly on the Event detail page issue resolved.
  3. Force 2 decimal places on Event price calculations with taxes.
  4. Event thumbnail & cover image not uploading issue resolved.
  5. Email error exception handling.
  6. Changed Event Faq field required to optional.
  7. Added default currency selector dropdown on admin panel settings -> regional.