What's New changelog v1.6.x

{danger} You must be on v1.5.x to upgrade to v1.6.x. Please DO NOT directly upgrade to v1.6.x older than v1.5.x.

v1.6.0 Released on 15-Mar-2021

v1.6.0 is a major release. It includes a lot of new & most requested features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

New Features


  • Added Categories menu in the header.
  • Added Event gallery images opener/slideshow on the Event page.
  • Language selector dropdown moved to Footer to free up header space.
  • Spam prevention on Signup & Contact up form.
  • On the Event Setup form, show Unsaved Changes alert only if there are any changes.
  • On the Event Setup form, added required Tabs completion icons to know why the event is not publishing.
  • On the Organiser's Manage Events page, added the Event Publish status column to show if the event is published or not.
  • Signup option on Checkout popup for guests.
  • Improved Front-end data tables mobile responsive design for all pages.
  • Upgraded all Composer, Javascript & VueJs packages to the latest version. Update Laravel Mix to v6.0 for better front-end performance.

Bugs Resolved

  • Show Organizer required alert on Event Setup form -> Details tab.
  • Resolved date format issues & used one global date & time format.
  • Don't include expired events in Explore Best Cities section.
  • Show email verified notification.
  • Free up tickets for other customers after booking cancellation.
  • Hide Admin tax from Organiser Earnings page.
  • Hide profile pic upload option except for Admin on Admin Panel.
  • Removed colorful border from event categories images on the homepage for better color branding.
  • Header logo resize issue on scrolling.
  • On Event setup form -> Location tab, show Venue as required.
  • On the Browse Events page, show only countries that have events in the Countries filter.