What's New changelog v1.7.x

{danger} You must be on v1.6.x to update to v1.7.x. Please DO NOT directly update to v1.7.x older than v1.6.x.

v1.7.1 Released on 26-Jan-2022

v1.7.1 is a minor patch release. It includes a few bug fixes related to timezone issues.

v1.7.0 Released on 04-Oct-2021

v1.7.0 is a major release. It includes a lot of new & most requested features, improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

New Features


  • Added Expired Booking badge on Bookings listing page.
  • Improved Footer design.
  • Improved Event page design.
  • Improved & Updated PayPal payment gateway.
  • Laravel 8 latest version compatibility.
  • Added Order Number on Sales Reports
  • Improved Booking Updates email notifications.
  • Hide Google & Facebook login if ClientId & Secret is not added.
  • Added Spanish Language Translation.

Bugs Resolved

  • Fixed Event repetitive schedules invalid time format issue.
  • Fixed Repetitive Events Date filter & searching issue.
  • Fixed Header design issue & Category dropdown overflow issue.
  • Fixed Blog meta tags issue.
  • Fixed Ticket PDF broken images issue.
  • Fixed Event Tickets Statistics table issue on Admin Panel.