Eventmie Pro is a flexible event hosting solution. You can use it as a Multi-organization (multi-vendor) or as a single organization website.

In the case of multi-vendor, you as a website owner can invite event organizers to signup and create events on your website. And that's where you'll also need a commission system, for sharing profit.

So, here's a semi-automatic commission system in which you can set commission percentage (%) from Admin panel -> Settings -> Commission and then the commission on each booking will be calculated and recorded in the commission module.

At first, all ticket sales amounts will go into the website owner's account and then the owner will distribute the amount to each organizer manually and can update the transfer status on the commission module.

Admin & Organizer Booking Commission

{primary} We're gonna add more functionality to this commission system in the next version.

{success} You can also submit a feature request according to your needs.


Set commision from admin panel

  1. Go to Admin Panel
  2. Click on Settings on the sidebar and then click on the Multi-vendor tab.
  3. Here, either On or Off the multi-vendor mode.
  4. And if it's On, set the Admin Commission e.g 5

Commission Processing

Commission processing

After enabling the Multi-vendor mode and setting the Admin Commission. Eventmie will start recording commissions on each ticket sale. To view the commissions organizer-wise

  1. Go to Admin Panel

  2. Click on Manage Bookings -> Commissions.

  3. Here, you'll see all the organizers Net Bookings, Net Organizer Profit and your (admin) Net Commission.

  4. Click on  View to view organizer bookings and net revenue in detail.

  5. On the next page, you'll see Organizer's Total Monthly

    • Net Bookings
    • Net Commission (admin commission from that booking)
    • Net Organiser Profit
    • Month Year
  6. At last, there's a checkbox Transferred, you can check it and click on  Update to update the transfer status.

{success} Doing the above, means, being a website owner, you'll be able to know to which organizer you've paid or not each month.