Eventmie Pro supports a single organization and multi-organization (multi-vendor, like a SaaS platform). You can toggle between these two modes with a click of a button.

  1. If you're a single organization & want to host only your events, then you can turn Off the Multi-vendor mode.

  2. If you're planning to invite other organizers to sell their events on your website and you want to earn commission on each ticket, then you can turn On the Multi-vendor mode.

Multi Vendor On

In the case of multi-vendor mode, from the front-end, after Signup, a user can Become Organizer. Let's see how!

  1. After signup, on the header, hover over the account name and click on Profile.

  2. On the profile page, click on  Become Organizer

  3. In the popup, fill in your Organization name/Brand name and click on  Submit

  4. After submission, your Group will be changed from Customer to Organizer, and you can  Create Event

Organizer Guidelines

There are some guidelines about what an Organizer CAN and CANNOT do.

  1. Organizer CANNOT become Customer again. The process is irreversible

  2. Organizer CAN create and manage their own events, but CANNOT book any event for their own.

  3. Organizer CAN book only their own events for any other Customer (users) of the site.

  4. Organizers CAN manage bookings of their own events only.

{success} The above actions can be performed by the Organizer from the front-end.

{primary} While Admin can do anything, without any limitations.

Multi Vendor Off

When the multi-vendor mode is Off, then on the front-end, all the options for Become Organizer, Create Event or anything else related to multi-vendor functionality, get hides. In that case, Admin manages everything on behalf of the Organizer.

Admin can create a separate User from the admin panel and assign the User the Organizer - Role. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Go to Admin Panel -> Manage Users.

  2. Click on  Add New

  3. Fill in the Organizer's name, email, and password (you can fill your own).

  4. Select the Default Role to Organizer.

{info} After creating an organizer, Admin can use the organizer everywhere, whenever it asks to Select Organizer.