Create events, sell tickets and manage everything on your domain. In Eventmie Pro, create single, multiple and repetitive events. Also, you can create repetitive classes like e.g Yoga classes, fitness classes and more using repetitive schedules

Each event belongs to an organizer. And according to the different roles of each user, Eventmie Pro has three types of pre-defined user groups. Each group has different permissions throughout the site.

Event landing page

  1. Admin - Manage everything from Admin Panel to Front-end.

  2. Organizer - Create events, tags and manage bookings & earnings only of their own events, from the front-end. The organizer has no access to the admin panel.

  3. Customer - Make event bookings, manage their bookings and cancellations from the front-end. The customer has no access to the admin panel.

Create Event

For Admin & Organizer

  1. Click on  Create Event
  2. Complete all the steps.
  3. Then from the last step Powered By, click on  Publish Event

{info} Admin needs to select an Organizer while creating an event.

{primary} After successfully publishing the event, see the event on listing page  Browse Events

Manage Events

For Admin

  1. Go to Admin Panel.
  2. In the sidebar, Click on Manage Events -> Events.
  3. Then click on  Edit

For Organizer

  1. On the Front-end, go to header, hover over the account name and click on Manage Events
  2. Then click on  Edit

{primary} Admin can see & manage all organizers events, while Organizer can see & manage only their own events.

{danger} Organizer can only disable their events, only Admin have permission to delete events.

Event Setup Form


The first step is mandatory to proceed to the next step.

Event Detail Form

Form Fields

  • Category
  • Event name
  • Event URL (auto-generated)
  • Description
  • More Info (Why to attend?)


Set timing for single or multiple days event.

Form Fields

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • End date
  • End time

Event Timing Form

{info} Do not check the Add Repetitive Schedules if the event is not repetitive. Just save it and proceed to the next step.

Repetitive Schedule

In the case of Repetitive Event, check the Add Repetitive Schedules checkbox.

You can create also Repetitive Classes using the same process, keep reading

{primary} The schedules will be auto-generated according to Total no. of Months in Start-End date. So that you can customize each month's timing separately.

Let's first see what's Daily Weekly & Monthly types stands for.

  • Daily - the event repeats every day from the start to the end date.
  • Weekly - the event repeats every week from the start to the end date.
  • Month - the event repeats every month from the start to end date.

Form Fields

  • Repetitive Type & Repetitive Dates/Days are connected. When you select-

    • Daily - it asks you for Repetitive Dates (Repeat Except) which means, choose the dates on which the event DO NOT repeats.

    • Weekly - it asks you for Repetitive Days which means, choose the weekdays on which the event repeats.

    • Monthly - it asks you for Repetitive Dates (Repeat Every) which means, choose the dates on which the event repeats.

  • Start Time - Set event start time for each month.

  • End Time - Set the event end time for each month.

Repetitive events & classes

{success} You can set different repetitive dates and times for each month's schedule separately.

{primary} These options provide more flexibility in customizing the repetitive schedule.

Monthly/Weekly Payment

{primary} One of the most exclusive features of Eventmie Pro.

In the case of Repetitive Events or Classes, sometimes you'll want to get paid on a Monthly or Weekly basis. That means, The customer can attend the event for the whole month/week by paying the whole month/week price. So when you check the Monthly or Weekly Payment checkbox, you'll need to add the ticket price for the whole month/week.


Create tickets for the event. Tickets can be Free or Paid both. Taxes can be applied to each ticket separately. Alteast one ticket is required.

Events free & paid tickets with taxes

Form Fields

  • Title
  • Price (0 for Free ticket)
  • Capacity (max bookings each ticket)
  • Description (ticket amenities)
  • Applicable Tax


Event location details. Add Google map Lat-long to show the Event Venue in the Google Map on the Event page.

Events venue & google map location

Form Fields

  • Venue
  • Google Map Lat
  • Google Map Long
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Country


Upload event poster and images. Please follow the mentioned dimensions. While you crop and adjust them live.

Upload Event cover images & youtube video URL

Form Fields

  • Thumbnail
  • Poster Image
  • Images Gallery (multiple images)
  • Video link


Write meta titles, tags, and descriptions. These tags will be specific for each event.


  • Meta Title
  • Meta Tags (keywords)
  • Meta Description


The last step, add tags to event which is now optional and publish the event.

Publish Event after completing all the steps. An event can be switch to Publish or Un-publish.

Publish event to audience