{primary} Eventmie Pro publishes its config file at config/eventmie.php

If you wanna change any of default configurations, simply follow the below guidelines.

Route Prefix

The prefix is, whether to run Eventmie Pro as a base site e.g or on a specific URL e.g

In case, you're installing it on the existing Laravel website, you'll want to set a URL prefix e.g And admin_prefix is for changing the Admin Panel URL.

'route' => [
    'prefix'            => 'event-website',
    'admin_prefix'      => 'secret-admin',

Multiple Languages

Eventmie supports multiple languages including RTL. Add/remove language to add/remove language from the language dropdown.

'locales'   => [

RTL Languages

{success} Eventmie Pro auto-detects RTL languages from the rtl_langs list and changes website direction to RTL.

We've added some pre-defined RTL languages. If you're adding a new RTL language that is not included in the rtl_langs list, make sure you add it there.

'rtl_langs'     => [
    'ar', // arabic
    'fa', // persian
    'he', // hebrew
    'ms', // malay
    'ur', // urdu
    'ml' // malayalam

Default Language

{success} Eventmie Pro publishes its languages to your application resources/lang/vendor/eventmie-pro directory. You can change the translations from there.

The default language is English en. You can change it to any other. Make sure that the language that you're setting as default, must be in the above locales list.

'default_lang'  => 'en',

Add New Language

  1. Go to the language directory resources/lang/vendor/eventmie-pro.

  2. Duplicate the en directory and rename it to <new_language_shortname>.

    • Suppose you wanna add Romanian language. Simply duplicate en folder and rename duplicated folder to ro.

          ├── lang
              ├── vendor
                  ├── eventmie-pro
                      ├── en
                      └── ro
  3. Translate all the variable's VALUES (right-side only) inside the new language folder's em.php file.

    {primary} The below language files are for Admin Panel translations.

  4. Go to the language directory resources/lang/vendor/voyager.

  5. Duplicate the en directory and rename it to <new_language_shortname>.

  6. Translate all the variable's VALUES (right-side only) inside the new language folder's *all files.

  7. Add the language short name to the config/eventmie.php locales list.

    'locales'   => [
  8. And finally, this one will update the database -> translations table that's responsible for showing the Admin Panel in multiple languages.

    php artisan eventmie-pro:translate-admin-panel

Delete Language

  1. Delete the language folder from resources/lang/vendor/eventmie-pro/ & resources/lang/vendor/voyager.
  2. Remove the language short name from the config/eventmie.php locales list.
  3. And run this-

    php artisan eventmie-pro:translate-admin-panel