Manage Events

The organizer can manage only own their events from the front end, while Admin can access all organizers' events from the Admin Panel.

Organizer manage events

{primary} Organizer can do other things on the Front-end. Let's see them below.

Export Attendees

Organizers can export their event's attendees list to a CSV file, with full booking & customer details.

Simply click on Export Attendees button on the Manage Events page.

Export Events Attendees

Manage Tags

As mentioned before, tags can be Sponsors, speakers, hosts, guests, VIPs, or anything you want. You can create any number and type of them.

Each tag belongs to an Organizer and to their Events. Basically, organizers can add tags, and link them to their events. 😬

Manage Tags

Create Tag

Click on Add Tag

Form Fields

  • Type - sponsor, speaker, DJ, etc
  • Image
  • Title - name of sponsor, speaker, DJ or anyother
  • Sub Title - Brand/Company name or any sub-title (optional)
  • Website (optional)
  • Profile Page - whether to show a profile page for tag.

Create tag no profile

{primary} If you select Profile Page - Yes, then you can also add these Optional details.

  • Description (optional)
  • Phone (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Facebook (optional)
  • Instagram (optional)
  • Twitter (optional)
  • Linkedin (optional)

Create a tag with profile

{primary} All of this info will be shown on the Tag Profile Page

{success} New tags can also be directly created and linked to an Event from the Event setup form -> Powered By tab.

This is how it looks on Event page

Show tag no profile

This is how the Tag profile page looks like

Show tag profile

Share Event

The event can be shared on social media websites from the Event detail page.

Social sharing

{success} Can be shared on - Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Whatsapp | Reddit