Simple Events

In Eventmie Pro, you can create a single & multiple days event. Each event belongs to an organizer. Admin & Organizers can create events from the front-end.

Simple event view

{success} We'll discuss repetitive & online events and classes in the next sections. We'll focus on each option in their own section to avoid confusion.

{primary} From here, we'll be guiding you through all the features of the front-end.

Create Simple Event

Simple event here refers to single or multiple days event. Click on Create Event to get started. 😤


The first step is mandatory to proceed to the next step. Add these details to proceed to the next steps-

  • Category
  • Event name
  • Event URL (auto-generated)
  • Description
  • More Info (optional)

Event Detail Form


Set timing for single or multiple days event.

Form Fields

  • Start date
  • Start time
  • End date
  • End time

Event Timing Form

{warning} Do not check the Add Repetitive Schedules, we'll discuss it in its own section.


Create tickets for the event.

  • Tickets can be Free or Paid.
  • Taxes can be applied to each ticket separately.
  • Multiple taxes can also be applied to each ticket.

Form Fields

  • Title
  • Price (set 0 for Free ticket)
  • Capacity (max bookings each ticket)
  • Description (ticket amenities info) (optional)
  • Taxes (optional)

Events free & paid tickets with taxes


Event location details. You need to enter Google map Lat-long manually to show the venue pinned on the google map on the event page.

Form Fields

  • Venue
  • Google Map Lat (optional)
  • Google Map Long (optional)
  • Address (optional)
  • City (optional)
  • State (optional)
  • Zipcode (optional)
  • Country (optional)

Events venue & google map location

{warning} Do not check the Online Event, we'll discuss it in its own section.


Upload event poster, thumbnail, and images. Please upload the mentioned size of images. You can also crop and adjust them.

Form Fields

  • Thumbnail
  • Poster Image
  • Images Gallery (optional)
  • YouTube Video ID (optional)

Upload Event cover images & youtube video URL


Write meta titles, keywords, and descriptions. These tags will be specific for each event, for event-specific SEO.

Form Fields

  • Meta Title (optional)
  • Meta Tags/Keywords (optional)
  • Meta Description (optional)

Event seo

Powered By

Final step-

  1. Select tags (optional).
  2. Click  Save
  3. Then click  Publish
  4. You can Un-publish / Publish anytime.

{primary} You can also create new Tags directly from Powered By Tab. We'll guide you about this in the Tags section.

Event Tags & Publish

{success} see the Published event on listing page  Browse Events

{primary} Event can be published only after completing - Details, Timings, Tickets, Location & Media.