Upgrade from v1.4.x to v1.5.x

{danger} You must be on v1.4.x to upgrade to v1.5.x. Please DO NOT directly upgrade to v1.5.x older than v1.4.x.

{success} Upgrading will NEVER MODIFY OR DELETE your website's existing users' data (file uploads) & database tables data.


To upgrade to v1.5.x-

  1. You must be on v1.4.x.
  2. Download the latest version from Classiebit.com - Downloads page

{primary} If you want us to upgrade your website with all the latest versions, we also provide Upgrade Service. Simply send us an email on info@classiebit.com.

Steps to upgrade

  • Extract the eventmie-pro-v1.5.x.zip file and then extract package file eventmie-pro.zip.

  • Copy the eventmie-pro folder and go to your website directory.

  • Delete the current eventmie-pro folder & replace it by the new one.

  • Then run the composer update command

    composer update
  • On production (live) server, run this command as well

    composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev
  • Finally, run the auto-updater command

    php artisan eventmie-pro:update

Update Config

{danger} Below command will override the existing config/eventmie.php file.

Few changes have been made to the Eventmie Pro config file in v1.5. The below command will update your base app config/eventmie.php file with the latest one.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=eventmie-pro-config --force

Update Languages

{danger} Below command will override the existing lang/vendor/eventmie-pro/* languages files.

Update your base app lang/vendor/eventmie-pro/* language files.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=eventmie-pro-lang --force

{danger} Below command will override the existing lang/vendor/voyager/* language files.

In v1.5, we've improved the Admin Panel translations as well. Run the below command to copy the Admin Panel language files to your base app.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=eventmie-pro-voyager-lang --force

And finally, this one will update the database -> translations table that's responsible for showing the Admin Panel in multiple languages.

php artisan eventmie-pro:translate-admin-panel