Upgrade from v1.2.x to v1.3.x

{danger} You must first upgrade to v1.2.x. Please DO NOT directly upgrade to v1.3.x from v1.1.x.

Updating Eventmie Pro is simple. Just download the latest version of Eventmie Pro from Classiebit.com - Downloads page after login into your account.

Steps to upgrade

  • Extract the eventmie-pro-v1.3.x.zip file.

  • Copy the eventmie-pro folder and go to your website directory.

  • Delete the current eventmie-pro folder & replace it by the new one.

  • Then run the composer update command

    composer update
  • On production (live) server, run this command as well

    composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev
  • Finally, run the auto-updater command

    php artisan eventmie:update