{success} This Feature only available in Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded

Rating & Review

Let attendees add ratings and reviews to the event, that can be reviewed and approved by the Event organizer before publishing.


Enable Rating & Review

First, you need to enable Rating & Review on the Event.

  1. Go to Event Edit Page -> Details tab.
  2. Check the Rating & Review checkbox.
  3. You can check/uncheck it to enable/disable Rating & Review on the event.


Add Review

Only the customer who has purchased atleast on ticket on an event, can add Rating and Review from Event page.

  1. Customer, after purchasing event ticket, can go to Event page.
  2. Scroll down to Rating & Review section and click Add Rating & Review button.
  3. Select Rating, write review and click Submit.


Approve Review

By default, the Rating & Review added by customer will remain unpublished. The Organizer need to approve it by updating its status to Published. Organizer also receives an email notification every time their events receives a rating & review.

  1. Login as Organizer, and go to Manage Reviews.
  2. Select the Event from Events Dropdown.
  3. And click Status Update to change the Review's status to Published/Unpublished.