Data Administration

Manage all the Event's Bookings from the Admin Panel.

{primary} Below guide is about how to manage things on Admin Panel. We'll cover the front-end guide as well, later in the docs.



Tags can be Sponsors, speakers, hosts, guests, VIPs, or anything you want. You can create any number and type of them.

  • You can choose whether to choose tag as a page or just as a thumbnail on the event page.
  • Tags can be added/managed from Admin Panel by Admin, as well as from front-end by Organisers.
  • Every tag belongs to an Organiser and can be attached to multiple events of the Organiser.
  • Disabling a tag makes it invisible from the front-end.



All the Organiser's Events can be managed from the Admin Panel.

  • Admin can create an Event for an Organiser.
  • Admin needs to select an Organiser while creating an Event.
  • Once an event is linked to an organizer, you can't change the Organizer of the event.
  • Only Admin can disable an Event.
  • The disabled event gets invisible from the front-end and shows 404 if visited directly via event URL.
  • Organizer can only Unpublish their events, while, only admin can delete events.




All the Event's bookings can be managed from the Admin Panel.

  • Admin can create Booking for a customer directly, without making any online payment.
  • Admin can disable a booking, and change its payment and cancellation status.
  • Ticket scanner not allows disabled bookings for check-in.

{primary} Admin can create a new booking and events from the front-end only.

We tried not to repeat the same functionality on the admin panel that is already available on the frontend.

Instead, we just developed a strong roles and permissions system on the front-end.

So that Admin, Organizer, and Customer can only do what they are supposed to do.



All types of users can be managed from the Admin Panel. Admin can disable any user. The disabled user won't be able to log in.

There are three prefined user groups -

  1. Admin - only user group that is allowed to visit the admin panel

  2. Organizers - can create and manage their events and bookings from the front-end only.

  3. Customers - can book events and manage their bookings and cancellations from the front-end.

{success} Admin can change the role of a user to Admin Organizer or Customer


All the contacts that are submitted from the front-end contact us page, can be seen on the Admin Panel.