{success} This Feature only available in Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded

YouTube & Vimeo Player Embed

Add Youtube & Vimeo Public/Private video embed URL/code to let attendees attend virtual events or watch pre-loaded event videos directly from within the website.

With this, you can enter YouTube/Vimeo private or public video embed code while setting up your online event. And then, you can let your attendee watch it directly from their bookings page, without letting them leave your website.


  1. Go to Event Edit Page -> Location Tab.
  2. Enter Youtube Embed Code and/or Vimeo Embed Code and hit Save

You can enter both Youtube & Vimeo embed code at the same time or either one of them.




You can also add more YouTube videos as part of event's promos and trailers to show it to visitors on event page.

  1. Go to Event Edit Page -> Media Tab -> YouTube Video URL and add multipe YouTube video IDs.


  2. Then you can see them on Event page.