Site Content

Add & manage site content like categories, home page banners, pages e.g about us, terms, etc, and other media images that are being uploaded by the users.


Only Admin can add and manage categories from the Admin Panel. While Organisers can only select amongst these categories for their events.

{primary} Disabling a category disables/hides all the events that belong to the category.



Add & manage home page banners.

  • Add Custom Button with URL on the banners.
  • Control the order of banners by adding Order No. in the Order input box.



Add & manage pages-

  1. About us
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms and conditions


{success} You can add extra custom pages as well.

Blog Posts

Eventmie Pro comes with a fully-featured Blog management system. When you add and publish a blog post from the Admin Panel, it gets published on the front-end. And the front-end users can visit and read your blog posts.

Blog posts

Media Manager

Here, you can manage all your website's user-uploaded images like events, tags, etc media files and images.

Media manager