Manage Events

Manage all the Events from Admin Panel

Admin panel events


All the Events can be managed from this page. When you disable an event from Admin Panel, then the disabled event gets invisible from the and it shows 404 on the event page (if someone tries to visit event directly via event URL).

{warning} Once an event is linked to an organizer, you can't change the Organizer of the event.


All the categories can be managed from this page. Each event belongs to a category. When you disable a category, then the events that belong to that category also gets disabled.

{info} Categories can only be managed from the admin panel.


All the Tags can be managed from the Admin panel as well. When you disable a tag, the tag becomes invisible from everywhere on the front-end.

{primary} The disable (soft-delete) feature gives you more power to control different kinds of data on your site in different conditions.