Ticket Scanner

The most awaited feature. Now, organizers and admin can scan the Event attendees tickets at Event entrances with integrated QrCode scanning solution.

Ticket QrCode scanner

QrCode Scanner

After login as Organizer or Admin -

  1. On the header, click on Scan Ticket.
  2. To scan the tickets, you can also use Mobile phones, just open the Scan Ticket page and scan the ticket.
  3. After scanning, you can see the ticket details.
  4. And click on Verify & Check-in.

Ticket Check-in

{primary} Once a ticket is checked-in, it can never be check-in again.

QrCode Scanner Prerequisites (v1.3)

QrCode requires the below things to work-

  1. HTTPS (SSL Certificate) enabled website.
  2. The device must have a camera/web-camera.
  3. Browser permission to Allow Camera.

{info} On the QrCode scanner page, it automatically opens a prompt to Allow Camera. Once you allow the camera, it never prompts again and works seamlessly.

Ticket QrCode scanner prompt

{primary} If the browser does not prompt to Allow Camera (this happens rarely), you need to go to browser settings and manually allow the camera.

{success} In v1.3.0, we've added an alert notification, which shows when there's no camera or camera permission not given.