Multiple Languages

Eventmie supports multiple languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and even RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, etc.

Eventmie pro multi-langauge

{success} Eventmie Auto-detects RTL language and changes the website direction to RTL

Set Default Language

Changing the default language is very simple. Go to Eventmie config config/eventmie file and change the default_lang to your preferred language.

'default_lang'  => 'hi'

Here's a list of all available languages-

  1. en - English
  2. ar - عربى
  3. de - Deutsche
  4. fr - Française
  5. hi - हिन्दी
  6. it - Italiano
  7. ja - 日本語
  8. nl - Nederlands
  9. ru - русский
  10. zh-CN - 中国
  11. zh-TW - 中國

Add Language

When you run Eventmie install command, it publishes all the languages to your application resources/lang/vendor/eventmie directory. So that if you wanna change something in an existing language, you can do so.

  1. And, to add a new language, simply copy the en directory and paste it as <your_language_name_shortcode>. Then translate all the variable's VALUES inside the new language folder em.php file.

    {warning} Translate variable VALUES only and not VARIABLE NAMES

    e.g Suppose you wanna add romanian language. Simply copy the en folder and paste it as ro

            ├── lang
                ├── vendor
                    ├── eventmie
                        ├── en
                        └── ro
  2. Then open resources/lang/vendor/eventmie/en/em.php and add your language name

        "en"        => 'English',
        "ar"        => 'عربى',
        "de"        => 'Deutsche',
        "fr"        => 'Française',
        "hi"        => 'हिन्दी',
        "it"        => 'Italiano',
        "ja"        => '日本語',
        "nl"        => 'Nederlands',
        "ru"        => 'русский',
        "zh-CN"     => '中国',
        "zh-TW"     => '中國',
        "ro"        => 'Română', // the new language

{success} Once you add a new language, it'll be added to the language dropdown automatically.

Delete Language

Simply delete the language folder that you wanna remove from resources/lang/vendor/eventmie/ and it'll be removed from the language dropdown automatically.