Eventmie Pro

Welcome to Eventmie Pro documentation.

Eventmie Pro - Event planning reimagined with Laravel

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Eventmie Pro - Installation with Web-installer Video Tutorial

What is Eventmie

Eventmie is an Event planning and management Laravel package. With Eventmie, launch a dedicated platform for Event planning on your domain. Streamline the event planning process through automation. Eventmie is secure, scalable, production-ready.

Just install it into a brand new Laravel application or an existing one and start selling your events with ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT.

Pro Version

{primary} This is Eventmie Pro version documentation

Eventmie Pro Version comes with Commercial license. Pro version is fully loaded with a lot of useful and exciting features.

Lite Version

Eventmie Lite Version is for demo purposes, you can check out the free demo before purchasing the Pro version. Lite (demo) version has got limited features & functionality.

  • Live - Visit lite version live.
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  • Download - Visit here to download.


To enhance the performance, security and scalability of Eventmie, internally we've integrated some open-source third-party libraries/packages.