Upgrade from Eventmie Pro to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded

{danger} You must be on Eventmie Pro v1.7.x before upgrading to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded.

{success} Updating will NEVER MODIFY OR DELETE your website's existing users' data (file uploads) & database tables data.


To upgrade to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded-

  1. You must be on Eventmie Pro v1.7.x.
  2. Download the latest version from Classiebit.com - Downloads page

Upgrade Service

If you want us to upgrade your website to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded, we also provide paid upgrade Service.

There are two types of update service-

  1. Simple Upgrade Service Cost USD 150: If there are NO CODE CUSTOMISATIONS on your website.
  2. Advanced Upgrade Service Cost USD 300: If there are CODE CUSTOMISATIONS on your website.

To request paid update service, please send us an email at info@classiebit.com and we'll get back to you.

{success} We're providing Free Simple & Advanced Upgrade service to existing Eventmie Pro customers for a limited period of time. Send us an email to get the offer.

Steps to upgrade

To upgrade your existing Eventmie Pro website to Eventmie Pro FullyLoaded, then follow the below steps carefully. Please make sure you DO NOT miss any step.

{warning} This is Simple Upgrade guide for the Eventmie Pro website having NO CODE CUSTOMISATIONS. If you're having CODE CUSTOMISATIONS into your website, then contact us at info@classiebit.com.

  • Extract the eventmie-pro-fullyloaded.zip file and delete the storage folder and .env file from the extracted folder.

  • We'll keep your existing storage folder so that you don't loose your existing events, tickets, and other images and pdf files.

  • Now, delete all the files and folders from your existing website EXCEPT storage and .env file.

  • Don't delete your existing website storage folder, or else you'll loose all the event's images and other files.

  • Then run the composer update command

    composer update
  • On production (live) server, run this command as well

    composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev
  • Run database migration command

    php artisan migrate
  • Run database seeder command

    php artisan db:seed
  • Finally run the translation update command

    php artisan eventmie-pro:translate-admin-panel

And done. ✌️